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Meeting ID: 987 5181 7712

Passcode: 799893

Bahar Mathematics Meeting is an academic-focused workshop series held twice a year by mathematics students studying at different universities. Meetings usually do not have a fixed location and are tended to be carried out at a different university each time. The speeches are intended to be given by invited academicians and students who apply for and it is aimed to create an independent environment where mathematics students from different universities can come together and discuss mathematics and topics of their own interest. The date, place and invited academics will be announced a few months before the meeting. It is usually held in the first weeks of fall and spring semesters.

Everyone who apply as listener can participate to the meeting and speaker applications for students are evaluated based on speech topic and content by a scientific committee of academics. The titles and abstracts of the applications are sent to the scientific committee without any personal information, and the speeches that the committee choose are included to the program.

Participation in Bahar Mathematics Meeting is free. Bahar Mathematics Meeting sponsored by the Turkish Mathematical Society is trying to provide as much transportation and lunch support as possible to its participants within the budget. Transportation support application process starts a few months before the date of the meeting and the lunch support is offered to all attendees at an amount that the meeting organizers find appropriate within the budget.

Programs / Admissions
After completing the application form to be listener, you will receive a return email indicating that your registration has been completed. The end result of the transportation support applications will be evident about 3 days before the date of the meeting. Speaker applications ends about 10 to 20 days before the meeting. The applications are sent to the scientific committee and evaluated by them. Times of the speeches are arranged by consulting all speakers, with priority given to the speakers who have been accepted during the initial application process and will be announced one week before the meeting.

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